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Monday, January 5, 2015

Oh yes! I am so gonna wreck yah!

Wreck This Journal - Keri Smith

Wreck This Journal - Keri Smith
Copyright © January 2015

This book is one of the gifts I received last Christmas.  There's no better way than wrecking something up after you've had a long tiring day.. Anyways, I just want to share with you my copy of Wreck this Journal by Keri Smith.  I saw the many editions of this book at a bookstore last year and got very interested. So I listed it in my wish list and voila! My wish is my {generous gift giver}'s command =)

Press leaves and other found things

I have no idea why I kept that piece of leaf all this time. Hmmm.. Now I know :)
Copyright © January 2015

Throw something! A pencil, A ball dipped in paint.

I wonder what else can I throw on this. Hmm..
Copyright © January 2015

Infuse this page with a smell of your choosing.

How about a smell of rose? :)
Copyright © January 2015

I think this is a perfect way for stirring creativity within a person especially for artists whenever they're stuck in creating something or having a artist's block of some sort.  Perfect for someone like me, indeed. =)

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