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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Yarn rainbow

A friend of mine was browsing for yarn colors and scarf designs online the other day and found this.  It was so cute that I thought of making this my weekend project. Squeezing it between my piled cowl and benie orders. Too bad I don't have a lot of yarn in pastel colors but I think I have enough to be able to make something like it. :)

Colorful cowl = 
Copyright © February 2014

Added colors
Copyright © February 2014

I have finished a few cowls last week but was not able to put it up here because I was out of town last weekend but here they are. I had rush orders of maroon and orange cowls. I never really thought I'd like the orange color but I had fun making it. :)

Cowls in light orange and maroon colors 
Copyright © February 2014

More yarn projects for me >.<

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