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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

New Year | New Plans

My 2014 Planner :)
Copyright © February 2014

The sweetest guy ever (my boyfriend) gave this planner to me for Christmas.  Just when I thought I'll never posses another Starbucks planner ever (because of the cut back from caffeine >.<), he goes and get it for me. :)  

January 2014
Copyright © February 2014

New year for new plans and new planner. I hope to fill this one with a lot of plans that will surely be accomplished by the end of the year (except for the long term goals, of course XD). I am very determined to do so.  (~.~)

♫  "Well, I'm tired of pretending but I'm terrified of it ending.. I know if not for you there's nothing I can do to ever let it end.. And I know you feel the same way.. "Cause you told me drunk on your birthday..♫ 
~  Don't ever let it end - NIckelback

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