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Friday, February 7, 2014

Graphika Manila 2014

Graphika Manila 2014!
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I've been wanting to attend this yearly event for a really long time. I think all the excitement got piled up as the years went by and I'm so happy I was finally able to. :) I attended the Graphika Manila International Multimedia Design Conference, the premier annual graphic and multimedia design event in the Philippines last February 1 at the SMX Convention Center in Mall of Asia, Pasay.  I took it to blind faith by attending the event without knowing anything about the speakers and I must say that I was surprised and thought to myself that it was worth it and its definitely one of the highlights of my year.

First ones to present is Dvein, which are a motion and interactive studio based in Barcelona, Spain. I wasn't really interested in animation but these guys' presentation at the event amazed me.  They gather ideas from their surroundings and they macro film nature and even paint which I find fascinating.  I kind of liked their Magma video. :)  They also mentioned that they're huge fans of Pantera (a metal band) and that the name 'DVEIN' is derived from initials of "Designers from hell" in español. (I think that was "Diseñadores vientos del inferno"? - Please correct me if I'm wrong >.<)

Next is Sarah Blake a.k.a. Zso, an amazing illustrator who doesn't stop challenging herself. She said that there was a time when she wasn't good at drawing a lot of things and all she did is just practice drawing them and now she could illustrate them perfectly.  Proof that constant practice is worth it in the long run.  One of things she said that stuck with me during her presentation are the words
"Passion and determination is more important
than talent or skill"
I so totally understand this.  Without perseverance you won't go anywhere and reaching your goal would be hard to do.  These words knocked some sense on me.

Then there's the lunch break and the first one to present in the afternoon session is Ash Thorp, the genius behind the effects of the film Total Recall. He is also the one who made the ending credits for X-men: First Class. Man, the things this fellow can do. Whew! And he says he does it in Illustrator and Cinema 4D.  I mean, I use illustrator all the time at work and I never thought effects for a feature film could ever be done there.  (Noob me >.<)  Here are some wise words from him.

Stay hungry, stay humble
Do what you love, Love what you do
(Yeah I would love to do what I love XD)

So, after a string of international artists, finally, a Filipino pride.  Isabel Gatuslao took the stage and blew my mind.  She's a graphic designer who focuses on Identity and some of her clients include Chat Fores, Liz Uy, National Bookstore, and MediCard (I have always wondered who created the new logo of MediCard because I just find the symbol ingenious. Now I know :)).  She has also designed custom shoes for Lebron James and she got to meet him! She's totally one awesome graphic designer and I kind of admire her. :)

Next is Eugene Gauran, a representative from The Mill, a visual effects company based in the U.S. who happens to be a Filipino. [Ooh Filipino pride again :)]  He talked about what The Mill does.  They create digital projects for the advertising, games and music industries. He showed some of their works and they were pretty awesome.

Last but not the least is Jessica Hische, a Letterer and illustrator whose work mainly include type.  One of the things that I remember in her presentation is her saying that artists can make personal projects a way for clients to commission them for their work.  And I totally agree with that, it was a wonderful advice any artist could take. :)

I was not able to take a lot of photos because the lighting was really low. I only took like a couple of shots but below are photos of the contents of the kit and I also grabbed my very first copy of Adobo Magazine (I really got curious)

The only photos I took at the event. I was like *snap *snap (and then whispered *crap to my self) then went back to listening because I know I couldn't do anything about my cameras. -____-
Copyright © February 2014

The contents of the kit minus the Adobo Magazine.
Copyright © February 2014

I'm planning on submitting an artwork for next year's Graphika Book. XD
Copyright © February 2014

Event Programme
Copyright © February 2014

Copyright © February 2014

I would definitely attend again next year. It was mentioned that next year will be special as it will mark Graphika Manila's 10th year anniversary.  Even though I have turned into a crafter lately and my creativity and urge to paint and draw is sleeping, attending events like these is my way of waking my self up to do art.

Art will always be a part of me and the only thing that keeps me from doing it is time management and lack of initiative.  I thank all the organizers of this event for now I have a lot more to add to my long list of artists to admire and listening to their stories of success, failures (which can also be called experience), and challenges encourage me to pursue a career in graphic design.  God bless and I hope you will continue to inspire more students and professionals. :)

♫  "Well, I've got to two tickets to the game... It'd be great if I could take you to it this Sundaay.. And I'll walk you home when the whole thing's done.. If you're there, I don't even care which team won...♫ 
~  Don't ever let it end - NIckelback

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