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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Completed Beanies :)

Hey there! Haven't posted anything on this blog for almost a month. I was pretty busy but I was able to complete a lot of my yarn orders including the ones that was on my last post. (If you're wondering how I squished and smashed my time to be able to do so, my answer would be 'I have no idea' LOL)

If you live in Manila, you know that the weather is ridiculously cold in the past month and I find it a little weird. Not surprising though because January last year was also the same.  A friend of mine mentioned that I sort of chose the right time to be making these beanies. XD

Yellow, Maroon, Maroon with black stripes ~ work in progress.
(The navy blue cowl is a WIP too)
Copyright © February 2014

Remember this? This is supposed to be the first beanie ever made but was placed at the bottom of my priority list because of the piling of orders from friends. At last I was able to complete it the other day XD
Copyright © February 2014

Finished maroon and purple striped beanies. It does not look like they're purple in the photo. Maybe its because of the lighting when I took this shot or just the colors in my computer >.< Anyways, the purple striped beanies were ordered by a friend and he gave one to his girlfriend. (sweet <3) Kind of served as couple beanies as he stated on their photos on facebook. Hehe (>.<)
Copyright © February 2014

Black and grey stripes :)
Copyright © February 2014

Finished Yellow, Maroon with black stripes, and the brown with multi-colored pink, white yellow stripes
Copyright © February 2014

Seeing these completed beanies makes me feel so happy. I'm so in love with crocheting. Haha! XD
More to come:  I still have a long list of orders. Will post them as soon as I can. Ciao for now!

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