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Monday, January 6, 2014

Starting the year right

Starting the year right for me is finishing stuff I was not able to last year.  So, I finished this pink cowl last week and wrapped it up the minute I did because this was supposed to be a holiday gift for someone.  It was a bit late but I'm glad she likes it. :)

Finished Pink Cowl :)
Copyright © January 2014

Copyright © January 2014

Pink Cowl - A closer look
Copyright © January 2014

As usual, I'm still busy as hell. Its a miracle I'm still able to post anything here. Haha! My cowl orders are piling up and I'm gonna have to find some way to finish them all before the month ends. Same goes with my beanies >.< I just need more time.. -___________-

♫  "Having heavy conversations about the furthest constellations of our souls..
We're just trying to find some meaning in the things that we believe in but we got some ways to go.. 
~  Science and Faith - The Script

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