//Art Li and Stuff: January 2014

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Almost finished cowls!

Almost done with three of my orders. I'm glad that even in my busiest of days at work I'm still able to create these. Proof that if there's a will, there's always a way. ( ^◡^)っ✂❤

Three finished cowls ready for weaving :)
Copyright © January 2014

Would you believe me if I tell you that the yellow one is ordered by a guy? Yep, it is ordered by an office mate of mine who happens to be a guy. I know what you're thinking and NO, he's not gay.  He just likes the color yellow 。◕‿◕。

Finishing cowls and tying beanie orders is all I could think of these days.  Creating these craft pieces is a stress reliever for me.  And I really really need it.

How 'bout you? What have you been up to lately?

♫  "Are you gonna stay the night? Are you gonna stay the night? Oh oh oh oh are you gonna stay the night? ♫ 
~  Stay the night - Zedd feat. Hayley Williams

Monday, January 6, 2014

Something to look forward to..

My Graphika Manila 2014 ticket :)
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Now this is definitely something to look forward to. I've been wanting to attend this event since 2010! There were a lot of hindrances in the past years that's why I wasn't able to. But this year I'm definitely not gonna miss it! I Can't wait to get inspired again and this time, by some international artists. :)  I don't really know any of them but I'm definitely ready to find out.  To everyone attending, see you there! XD

♫  "I promise you won't feel a thing.. No.. 'Cause everything the world could throw.. I'll stand in front, I'll take the blow.. For you.. For you..  ♫ 
~  You won't feel a thing - The Script

Starting the year right

Starting the year right for me is finishing stuff I was not able to last year.  So, I finished this pink cowl last week and wrapped it up the minute I did because this was supposed to be a holiday gift for someone.  It was a bit late but I'm glad she likes it. :)

Finished Pink Cowl :)
Copyright © January 2014

Copyright © January 2014

Pink Cowl - A closer look
Copyright © January 2014

As usual, I'm still busy as hell. Its a miracle I'm still able to post anything here. Haha! My cowl orders are piling up and I'm gonna have to find some way to finish them all before the month ends. Same goes with my beanies >.< I just need more time.. -___________-

♫  "Having heavy conversations about the furthest constellations of our souls..
We're just trying to find some meaning in the things that we believe in but we got some ways to go.. 
~  Science and Faith - The Script

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


2013 has showered me with blessings. I hope it was the same with you. Happy New Year folks! :)

Cheers to a new year! 2014!
Copyright © January 2014

Counting my blessings. In the past year I was able to:
~ Ride an airplane for the first time (scared the h*ll out of me >.<)
~ Attend a music festival for the first time (jump up and down, let's party! XD)
~ Paint in watercolour for the first time (though for some reason, I stopped again >.<)
~ Met some new friends (which I really really like by the way :) )
~ Try archery once and planning on trying it again. ;)
~ Found a new hobby in the form of crochet which I'm hopefully thinking of
turning into a small business in the future (stay tuned) XD
~ Met up with some old friends that I haven't seen in a really really long time
~ Travel in a far place and see awesome views and structures
~ Started blogging! [ yey! :) ]

Looking forward to the future. This year I promise I will:
~ Never buy stuff I know I'll never use (this is a terrible, hard habit to break)
~ Spend money wisely!
~ Lessen my indecisiveness with things. (may it be concerning me, or other people)
~ Travel more (hopefully, I wonder how I can squeeze that in my busy time)
~ See old friends often (stay in touch with the people I lost contact with for a long time)
~ Do the things I said I'd do in 2013 but didn't (ooh I have a long list, unfortunately (~.~) )

Resolutions, eh? I like to think they're merely guidelines. Listing stuff like these keeps me on track with what's important and what's not. I always think I have all the time in the world but that's really not the case. So, I find this some kind of help. 2014. Please be awesome! :)

♫  "When trouble thinks its found us.. The world falls down around us.. I promise baby you won't ever, you won't ever feel a thing..  ♫ 
~  You won't feel a thing - The Script