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Friday, December 13, 2013

Slouch beanie :)

I think it was two weeks ago when I posted my slouch beanie project that was in progress here in my blog.  And finally, I finished the blue one :) I made this with the help of this tutorial.
Behold, my very first slouchy beanie :)

My very first Slouch beanie :)
Copyright © December 2013

Slouch beanie for my sweetness :) You can tell that he likes it with that smile on his face.
Copyright © December 2013

Big thanks to the tutorial's author! It was a great help! XD The brown one is still in progress and so is a cowl project that I started last week. I was browsing the Internet for some yarn projects when I came across this very easy tutorial.

I hope to finish this before Christmas! XD I hope I'd be able to.. waaahh (~.~)
Copyright © December 2013

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