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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Dear December

Dear December of 2013,
Why did you make me so busy that I'm way pass behind buying gifts for friends, family, boyfriend, and god daughters? Please, Please, Please. I hope the holidays of 2014 won't be like this. Even on the coming years after that. Please let this be the first and last. I beg of you.
Love, Li

Above is my very personal love letter for the month of December. It sounds stupid I know but I just had to write it down. I've been meaning to talk about my December but I just couldn't because I was darn busy! I hope I won't have to be, soon. >.< I don't really want to start the year 2014 with never ending over time at work and only have one day off that I couldn't even make time for a dental appointment. Yes, I bumped into that kind of problem and I'm gonna try like hell not to experience that again.

December is here and its time for some Christmas lights love <3  I love taking photos of Christmas lights everywhere during the holidays. And below are some shots of what I've taken so far :) 

Eastwood City Walk 2 at night :)
Copyright © December 2013

Eastwood Mall
Copyright © December 2013

SM Masinag
Copyright © December 2013

Copyright © December 2013

Copyright © December 2013

Though my holiday this year is a little lonely, these photos make the loneliness bearable. :) I feel so blessed to have received few early gifts. 13 days to go before Christmas! Happy Holidays everyone! Cheers! XD

♫  " You won't find faith or hope down the telescope.. You won't find heart and soul in the stars.. ♫ 
~  Science and faith - The Script
[I recently find my self addicted to this song. :) ]

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