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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Slouch Beanie in progress

A new project at last! I finally had the time to learn how to crochet a slouch beanie :)
Been busy with work and trying to find a new store where to buy my yarns since VC Trading has increased their pricing with their Red Hearts. I 'm not sure if its because of the holiday season or because they moved into a new place (which looks great by the way).  Anyways, I was able to find a yarn store with much lower price than of VC and its Yarn Source Manila.  They have a facebook page and an online store.

Grey Heather Yarns I ordered from Yarn Source Manila
Copyright © November 2013

I first tried to crochet the slouch beanie with a thick yarn but that didn't work out well so I changed my yarn to a much thinner one.  I made these using this video tutorial which was very helpful thanks to its author. :)

My first attempt. The yarn was too thick that I decided not to finish this
Copyright © November 2013

The current one I'm trying to finish. I kinda like the colors of the multi-colored yarn, it matches so well with the brown one. This yarn is much thinner and smoother than the first one I used.
Copyright © November 2013

A closer look. After a few tries on how to change yarns, I finally learned how to do it.
Copyright © November 2013

I also have a blue in progress.
Copyright © November 2013

This requires much more time to finish than when I was making the berets and I'm quite excited with the finished product.  I'll try to finish one soon and post it here.  I will still be busy this week though.  Too many overtime hours need to be rendered at work ~.~

My yarn stash is still crying out for help. I still haven't got the chance to buy so much as a drawer for my yarns or a box. Gah! >.< Anyways, here are my new yarn buys.

Hunter Green | Black | Grey Heather | Baby Sheen (PIstachio) | Familia (Green) | Creme de la Creme (Royal blue) | Monaco (Blue and Tan) | Red heart (Olive Green)
Copyright © November 2013

So many yarns, so many projects I'd like to create. So little time. I hope to make some time for my crafts soon.  Heavens! Please work with me here! >.<

♫  " Already broken.. Already gone.. Already know you're moving on..
I'm a breathing.. talking.. dead man walking.. 
~  Dead man walking - The Script

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