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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Shoe Love is True Love

New shoes I got for my birthday XD
Copyright © October 2013

If you have read my post about my birthday wishlist then you've seen these.  They're not the exact ones from my list because I couldn't find them but that's ok, I'm still loaded with happiness with the ones I found.  I got the brown lace up boots at a thrift store for a really really low price.  My friends and I were looking for some brogues when I found these boots and they're my size. It felt like it was meant to be. :) I got the black one at Forever21 and the brogues at Ledonne.

I love pairing this brogues with a dress
Photo on left taken by my sweetness
Copyright © October 2013

I am starting to like wearing these type of shoes from now on.
I used to wear sneakers and flats all the time and I must say that these are more comfortable. :)

♫  " You're never gonna be alone.. from this moment on..
If you ever feel like letting go.. I won't let you fall..
When all hope is gone.. I know that you can carry on..
We're gonna see the world out.. I'll hold you 'till the hurt is gone  ♫ 
~  Never gonna be alone - Nickelback

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