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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Its October and its my Birthday!

Today is my 25th Birthday. Woke up early to meet up with my sweetness. Started the day with a birthday prayer and some breakfast then we went to Mall of Asia to visit the Da Vinci's Workshop which my sweetness and I enjoyed very much. It was nice to view the exhibit with only a few people. It almost felt as if the exhibit was open exclusively for us. Hehe :) The rest of the day went by slowly.  I don't feel the birthday aura that I used to feel when I was younger.  Maybe the age (being in the mid 20's) is starting to get to me but I know that its too soon to be bothered by those trivial stuff so I'm brushing it off.

So I just enjoyed the exhibit, enjoyed the food (loved the blueberry cheesecake of Sbarro by the way), took in the scenery and ended the day with a smile :)

One Happy Birthday Girl :)

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