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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Crafting: Patched / Pyramid Beret Complete

I kinda thought it was gonna take a while for me to get how to create these. But I think the practice I had with single crochet stitch finally paid off. My very first complete Beret project. Yay! :)

Lost my patience for a moment but I'm glad I got it back.
Looking at my finished product, the patience was all worth it :)
Copyright © October 2013

Top view
Copyright © October 2013

Bottom view
Copyright © October 2013

I was scouring YouTube for some tutorials when I stumbled upon this instructional and easy to understand video. I owe it to her (the person who made the tutorial) my success. Thank you very much for sharing your skills. You have helped me a lot.  :)  I'm off to buy more yarns to create more of these. >.<

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