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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Crafting: New scarf project and knitting

I have been working on a new scarf with single crochet stitch lately. I am trying to perfect some of my mistakes from the red one and widen it a little because my friends thought that the previous one is too thin that it looked more like a table runner than a scarf. Lol! :)

Now I am very sure I got the stitches right this time
Copyright © October 2013

Copyright © October 2013

Knitting has been a real challenge for me but I've learned the basics.  I have learned how to do the basic cast  on and knit stitch through online tutorials.  Knitting is a little complicated but I'm glad to have learned something new. I'm actually bouncing back and forth to knitting and crocheting whenever I have the time and so far its been great.  I also have another crochet project that I've been working on besides the scarf that I hope to finish soon  and post it here on my blog. :)

Copyright © October 2013

Copyright © October 2013

Now these certainly look like noodles to me. Haha :)
I couldn't control how tight I should make the stitches. As you can see on the photo above,
there are some loose stitches and my next goal is learn how to not do that.

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