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Monday, October 28, 2013

Beret Projects

How about that! 9 berets in 8 days :) Actually, it was 10 1/2. I still have a red one to finish and the other brown I made is not included in this bunch. I'm so happy to have created so many of these in such short time. They're for some office mates who liked the first one I made that they asked me to make some for them.

Red | Green | Multicolored | Grey | Pink | Brown
The one in the upper left corner is a work in progress. Notice the knitting needles?
Yeah, I'm currently trying to remember what I learned about the basics of knitting >.<
Copyright © October 2013

This is what my weekend looked like. :)
Wrote down some notes. Crochet. Wrote down some notes again then ate hello choco wafers.
Copyright © October 2013

This certainly looked like a pancake to me. Lol.
Copyright © October 2013

My hands got totally addicted that whenever I start a piece, I won't stop until its done. Haha!  I'm gonna have to give my self a little break after I'm done with a few more.
I want to paint in watercolour again. Its been so long since the last time.  >.<

♫  " Now i have a million more people in my family..  ♫ 

[Listened to this from the script's facebook page and it made my day.. I hope it'll do the same to you :)]

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