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Monday, September 23, 2013

Birthday Wishlist 2013

My Birthday is in 10 days. Would you believe that I'm turning 25?!
Wow, I don't feel like 25.  I feel like I'm only 17 years old. Haha! Just kidding!
But then it feels weird because when I was younger I was so darn excited to get older but now that I am on the age I've always wanted, it makes me want to go back to being a kid.  >.<

As the days draw near before the BIG day, I started thinking of some stuff I'd like to buy or activities I'd like to do and here is my list:

1-4: A new pair of boots or flats or brogues - I only buy a few pairs every year. This year, I have bought 3 so far and 2 of them broke already. I don't know, my feet are shoe destroyers nowadays. (or maybe its just because of the rainy season and my shoes get soaked all the time T.T) On my birthday last year I bought a pair of Forever 21 heeled boots and my sweetness gave another pair as a gift :) but I don't really wear them all the time because the heels are like, one is 4 inches and the other is 3. (ouch!) So I'm going to be a little practical this year and spend all my hard-earned money on flats and boots.  The ones pictured below are some of the pieces I got my eye on. I wanted to buy a pair of doc martens for my birthday but I already checked, its not gonna happen. They don't have the 1460's in my size and they don't know when their next stocks will arrive so I guess I'll just have to wait again.  I'd be happy if I can have one of the shoes pictured below :)

5: A new pair of contact lenses - Last year I had the FlexWear contact lenses in color cinnamon, I think. Its a greenish color. As you may have noticed in my previous photos, I wear eyeglasses and it has a grade of 300, both left and right.  I know I have a terrible eyesight, but I don't really like wearing eyeglasses all the time so back in 2010, I started wearing contacts.  I still wear my eyeglasses but when going to events or parties or gathering with friends or weddings, etc., I wear contacts for its more convenient.  My last pair expired last May and I want to get a new pair before my birthday.

6: Dye my hair Ombre - I've been meaning to do this for a really long time. I'm just a little scared I guess. You see my hair is waist-long and I don't really want to damage it that may lead to cutting it off short. And I'm worried that it may not look good on me.  But then, you'll never gonna see the result if you never even try so before my birthday this year, I decided to do this at home. :) With the help of my sister of course.  I've been begging my mom to dye my hair for me but she just doesn't want to. She thinks it won't look good on me. So we'll see. XD  I can always dye it back to burgundy or black again if it fails.
[The one pictured below is Lua P.  I really like the color of her hair. Very fiery! XD ]

7: A new lip gloss - I don't really like wearing lipstick on an ordinary day.  I just wear lip gloss because in my opinion they suit me a little better than lipstick.  And I don't really buy a lot, I mean I know that some has like different shades for different occasions or different weather or different everything else. I actually only have one right now and I wanted to buy another. Not so girly of me, I know. Haha!

8: Visit the Da Vinci's Workshop Exhibit  - I've always had a huge admiration towards Leonardo Da Vinci's work. May it be complete or incomplete. I've always hoped that an exhibit of his works will make its way here in Manila. And I am so glad that it has! My sweetness and I are planning to visit the exhibit in Mall Of Asia on my birthday. I hope the weather will be nice so that we won't have to cancel our plans.

So there you have it. My birthday wishlist for this year. I still have a few in mind but these are the only ones that I'd like to write about and share here in my blog.  :)
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