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Monday, September 23, 2013

Birthday Wishlist 2013

My Birthday is in 10 days. Would you believe that I'm turning 25?!
Wow, I don't feel like 25.  I feel like I'm only 17 years old. Haha! Just kidding!
But then it feels weird because when I was younger I was so darn excited to get older but now that I am on the age I've always wanted, it makes me want to go back to being a kid.  >.<

As the days draw near before the BIG day, I started thinking of some stuff I'd like to buy or activities I'd like to do and here is my list:

1-4: A new pair of boots or flats or brogues - I only buy a few pairs every year. This year, I have bought 3 so far and 2 of them broke already. I don't know, my feet are shoe destroyers nowadays. (or maybe its just because of the rainy season and my shoes get soaked all the time T.T) On my birthday last year I bought a pair of Forever 21 heeled boots and my sweetness gave another pair as a gift :) but I don't really wear them all the time because the heels are like, one is 4 inches and the other is 3. (ouch!) So I'm going to be a little practical this year and spend all my hard-earned money on flats and boots.  The ones pictured below are some of the pieces I got my eye on. I wanted to buy a pair of doc martens for my birthday but I already checked, its not gonna happen. They don't have the 1460's in my size and they don't know when their next stocks will arrive so I guess I'll just have to wait again.  I'd be happy if I can have one of the shoes pictured below :)

5: A new pair of contact lenses - Last year I had the FlexWear contact lenses in color cinnamon, I think. Its a greenish color. As you may have noticed in my previous photos, I wear eyeglasses and it has a grade of 300, both left and right.  I know I have a terrible eyesight, but I don't really like wearing eyeglasses all the time so back in 2010, I started wearing contacts.  I still wear my eyeglasses but when going to events or parties or gathering with friends or weddings, etc., I wear contacts for its more convenient.  My last pair expired last May and I want to get a new pair before my birthday.

6: Dye my hair Ombre - I've been meaning to do this for a really long time. I'm just a little scared I guess. You see my hair is waist-long and I don't really want to damage it that may lead to cutting it off short. And I'm worried that it may not look good on me.  But then, you'll never gonna see the result if you never even try so before my birthday this year, I decided to do this at home. :) With the help of my sister of course.  I've been begging my mom to dye my hair for me but she just doesn't want to. She thinks it won't look good on me. So we'll see. XD  I can always dye it back to burgundy or black again if it fails.
[The one pictured below is Lua P.  I really like the color of her hair. Very fiery! XD ]

7: A new lip gloss - I don't really like wearing lipstick on an ordinary day.  I just wear lip gloss because in my opinion they suit me a little better than lipstick.  And I don't really buy a lot, I mean I know that some has like different shades for different occasions or different weather or different everything else. I actually only have one right now and I wanted to buy another. Not so girly of me, I know. Haha!

8: Visit the Da Vinci's Workshop Exhibit  - I've always had a huge admiration towards Leonardo Da Vinci's work. May it be complete or incomplete. I've always hoped that an exhibit of his works will make its way here in Manila. And I am so glad that it has! My sweetness and I are planning to visit the exhibit in Mall Of Asia on my birthday. I hope the weather will be nice so that we won't have to cancel our plans.

So there you have it. My birthday wishlist for this year. I still have a few in mind but these are the only ones that I'd like to write about and share here in my blog.  :)
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Friday, September 20, 2013

Finished Scarf. Yay!

At last! I have finished my very first crochet project! :) I'm so happy! Lalalala ┏(^0^)┛

Copyright © September 2013

Photos were taken by my sweetness :)
Copyright © September 2013

But then again, since I live in a tropical country I could only use this at the office.. I guess... Haha!  I started on a new one last Wednesday, I'm gonna make it wider and a little longer than this and try to polish some of the mistakes I did on this one. Hope it'll turn out great too.

I've been scouring the internet for free patterns on crochet projects and I found a few.  I created these flowers last week, thanks to this tutorial on youtube.

Copyright © September 2013

These are little gorgeous 5-petal flower embellishments.  I studied how to create these in preparation for learning how to crochet a beanie.  I've seen some tutorials online, in text and video format but I'm still a little afraid to give it a try.  But I will, very soon. XD

♫  " Standing on the shore.. Calling out your name.. I was here before.. I could see your face..
Only clouds will see.. Tears are in my eyes.. Empty like my heart.. Why did you say goodbye?.. ♫ 
~  Blame it on the weatherman - B*witched

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Welcome Chuck. The SUPER hyper Pug.

My sweetness and I love dogs. He owns one, a shih tzu named Tom Tom. I remember the time when we took him home. He's so quiet and tiny and fluffy and cute and also a little snob at the time (apparently, he doesn't like me holding him). So when we decided to get a pug [and named him Chuck :)], we were kind of expecting the same quietness that Tom Tom showed when we first held him but much to our surprise, he's a super hyper ( BUT very cute) dog.  Naughty, is the first thing that came to my mind. I was a little worried because when Chuck is held he keeps on moving and doesn't calm down, which clearly means that we wants to be put down to play.

Who could resist that cuteness! :)
Copyright © September 2013

Please be warned.  Don't let that innocent look in his eyes fool you. Lol! Just kidding This very cute pug is also VERY hyper and naughty. He loves to play and run around the house all day. We were like "Isn't he gonna stop any time soon?" It seems that this dog only needs a little rest and he's back jumping and running around the house again. But we love him just the same :)  Welcome to the family, Chuck! Mami and Dadi loves you. I hope you grow up to be a really cute, handsome and well-behaved dog. =) Lessen the naughtiness a little bit please. XOXOXO

♫  " Listen to your heart.. When he's calling for you.. Listen to your heart.. There's nothing else you can do..
I don't know where you're going and I don't know why.. But listen to your heart.. Before you tell him goodbye..  ♫ 
~  Listen to your heart - Roxette

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

What-to-do List: 2013 Goals

It always seem impossible. Until it is done.
- Nelson Mandela

I have always liked that quote.  I always mutter those words to myself whenever I am disheartened to start a project or lose the confidence to finish something that I started, thinking all negative that I'm not gonna be able to finish it..  Which is weird, because I have always believed that when I start something, I would always feel the need to finish it and back then I always do.  But then again, people change and there are some unfortunate events in life that takes away your confidence and courage to do the things that you need to do.
[Okay, I'm not suicidal, I promise. Even if I might sound like one because of these words.]

When I was younger, I would always list goals that I would try to accomplish by the end of the year. Some I accomplish, Some I don't. Well, I guess that's life. I believe that if its not for you, it will never be yours and if it is, the universe will always find a way to give it to you.  That being said, I am always disappointed because I don't get to scratch off most of the items on my list before the year ends.  But right now, I have something that doesn't make me worry.  I have faith.  I have faith that everything that I ever wish or hope for will fall into place at its right time.  Sometimes, I believe in luck. But I know its just an excuse for my lack of initiative.  But now, I believe in "Just doing it".  If you want something, go get it. Period.  If you want to accomplish something, go do it. Period.  There's no sense in waiting if not for a good reason.

I know it may be a little too late but I'm a person who never says its too late. =)  I would like to share my 2013 goals.  I'm going to be honest, I was kind of hesitant to share this but I just want to, hoping that it may inspire others to set their own and always think positive as I for one, have lost all hope and almost fell into bitterness but great things come if you just believe.  A friend of mine once told me that I should choose happiness to get rid of all the stress in my life.  Never think too much. Believe that everything will be okay.  Believe that if you do this, you're one step closer today to what you want to become or what you want to accomplish than you were yesterday.
So, I'll say no more and just reveal my list. Drum roll please...

Return to Faith:  I have lost faith countless of times but faith always make way for me to come back to believing in God in ways I could only describe with one word and that is "amazing".  I have been touched by his grace and I am proud to say that currently, I am trying to learn more.  I am trying to understand his wisdom and words and I always try to make use of these to make my self a better person. 

Return to Art: When I was younger I used to draw all the time. Now that I got older, not so much. I stopped for a brief moment in High School and when I went to college, the temporary became permanent for a while.  I tried drawing again some time in college, tried to squeeze in a little project from time to time but to no avail.  I still couldn't get the routine going. So now, I'm currently struggling to pump my creative juices and start drawing again.  This is something that I promised my self last year, 2013 will be fruitful with lots of artworks and ideas.  So, I started drawing again and now I'm watercolour painting :)  I found an art blog online and got inspired to try it. I was afraid at first but then I packed up the courage to try and I'm glad I did. I'm still in the learning process though :).  And then, I stopped again. for about three months now. I've been busy lately. T.T

Return to Music:  Would you believe that I used to play the guitar? Yes, I USED to. When I was 14 years old, I wanted to become a rockstar! Lol just kidding =) I bugged my sisters to teach how to play, even my mom.  Then they tried and I became the worst student ever. Haha Then one of my cousins stepped in, he tried to teach me but he was really harsh. He would flick my fingers if I strum a chord that does not produce any sound. [Harsh -_-] Then my mom went next and all she did is tell me to practice it every day and I will eventually get it.  There came a time when I stopped practicing, I just gave up. Which is weird because just when I was about to give up on learning, Voila! I got it! I was like "finally! I'm playing the freakin' guitar!" After that, I didn't stop playing.  I would play and sing along every day.  And then when I was 18, an unfortunate event happened. The house where I grew up burned down and I didn't manage to save most of my belongings, then I never picked up a guitar again, up until now.  So this year, I would like to play again.  I want to return to music in the sense of not just listening to it but also playing the notes my self. And singing along with it of course =) I need to buy a guitar first of course.

Plan the future: Okay, so after a bunch of returns to past hobbies and activities, this one is something that talks about moving forward. Planning the future.  When I entered college, my plan was to just finish it, get a job, period.  Now, 4 years later. I have been working for the same company for three years now and I am starting to see a blurred future ahead of me.  Don't get me wrong, I like my job right now. There are just some times when I get weary doing the same old routine everyday.  I need to make a plan.  I know I'm not going to be an employee forever. So, I promise my self to draft a plan for the next five years or so.  Should I consider looking for another job next year? Should I consider a change in career? Should I start my own business? and so on and so forth. Of all the things listed here, I think this is going to be the most difficult to do.  Time flies by so fast and I still haven't started on a draft of my plans for next year.  Oh well, I believe in its own time everything will work out exactly how God planned it for me. =) I just need to have faith.

Wants vs. Needs: The discipline with money:  The most common problem of all. Or is it just me. >.<  I've had money problems since I was a student but there were days that I save up too. But see that's the problem, it seems that I only save money when there's something that I'm saving it for. But in general, you know the whole "don't be foolish and spend all your money whenever you like" and "be wise, save up now" stuff is not just getting to me. Which is surprising, considering I'm an adult who has bills to pay.  So, I need to carve this in my brain if I have to. Metaphorically speaking.

Start travelling:  I have always wanted to travel. Go in different places. Mingle with different people. Get lost somewhere. Ask a stranger for directions.  Visit white sand beaches.  Eat delicacies and good food. =) But then the fear of getting lost always hinders me to go try it.  But this year, I have finally tried going to a very very far place. Say, Visayas Region of the Philippines? Well, that's the farthest I've ever been. Yes, Last June, a friend, I, and her friends travelled to Cebu and Bohol for some adventure. =)  It was fun and I really enjoyed it. But my wallet didn't enjoy it as much as I did.  Travelling needs budget so I think I'll be limiting my travel with 3-4 times a year. Yup, I think that's just about right. =)  The purpose of this is to get rid my fear of flying, my fear of talking to strangers, my fear of getting lost in an unfamiliar place, etc. hoping it'll make a stronger, better person someday.  I found this online not too long ago, if you're like me who always hesitated to travel, I think you should read this: 3 Reasons to Travel While Young, An article by Jeff Goins, Reblogged by Teacher Mia Travels

Collect Memories. Not stuff!: I had this stupid habit of getting attached to things. Until one day, all of my stuff was turned into ash when the house I grew up in for 10 years burned down.  I had mixed feelings that day.  But I've learned my lesson. Ever since that day, I buy stuff, I use them, whenever they broke I always tell my self "Anything that has form breaks down someday". Then I got less and less attached to my stuff. Same goes with buying too expensive shoes, clothing, art materials, etc.  I always tell my self that I'd rather go on a trip or eat out with friends than buy a pair of shoes or clothes that I'll only wear once or twice (unless I have an important meeting or event to attend to).  I've changed my perspective into collecting memories and experiences, rather than stuff! :)"

Manage time more efficiently:  I'm a terrible time manager. I always feel the need to procrastinate especially when I'm tired or just not in the mood. This has always been a problem since I was a student. But now that I'm all grown up, it seems that my day to day schedule has always been the same. The pattern: Wake up - Take a bath - Eat - Go to work - Work - Go home - Eat - Sleep. Its a terrible routine if you ask me. There was actually a time when I just had enough stress to rant about how tired I am and how boring my life has become. But I know its my fault for letting the routine become a habit.  So, this year I decided to allot time for doing some art at home after work, travel, mingle with friends, attend exhibits, visit museums, learn new stuff (like watercolour painting and crochet), and the list goes on. So far, so good. Yet I had to stop but I'll keep on trying.

So there you have it. My list of goals for this year. Its a bit too late I know. I've been meaning to post this last July but I've been busy with work and other stuff.  These may be just small stuff to some people but I believe that some of the small things are also important in this world. =)
How about you? Any goals you set for your self this year?

♫  " Its been a while.. since I could.. held my head up high..  ♫ 

~ Its been a while - Staind

Monday, September 2, 2013

Crafting: Updates

Just a quick update about my crafts. =) 
I do my crocheting when I get home from work. It really is a stress reliever for me.

One more bulk of yarn to go and its finished. :)
Copyright © September 2013

My tunisien stitch practice. Now I'm wondering what project to create with this one.
Copyright © September 2013

New yarn bulk ready for a new project :)
Copyright © September 2013

The red scarf is the most I'm excited about. Hope I can finish it soon ^^

♫  " Just give me a reason just a little bit's enough.
Just a second we're not broken just bent and we can learn to love again..
~ Just give me a reason - Pink feat. Nate Reuss

From Skeuomorphism to Flat Design

Well Hello September! Time sure flies by so fast...  when you're busy (-.-), which what I was for these past few weeks. I almost forgot about my blog. Hehe Just kidding! >.<

Anyways, I've been busy with some design stuff lately. Been creating website designs and trying out crowd sourcing, which is a pain if you ask me but I'm learning. I think. I am currently being asked to change the way I design websites. I'm not really fond of changes but if its for my own good, why complain, right? So goodbye web 2.0 and Skeuomorphism. Hello FLAT | Essential design. :)

Flat design is on the rise in the industry lately because of the popularity of smart phones and tablets and the company I work for needs to compete so my colleagues and I were a little challenged. Or maybe that's just me. I don't really like solid colors and huge texts and white spaces which is what Flat design is all about. You can browse a whole lot of examples online.  I find it challenging specially with color schemes and typography because its going to be the main focus of the design.  You can incorporate icons too instead of photos. The challenge is to make MORE with less, which means NO to gradients, NO to patterns, NO to drop shadows, NO to glossy buttons, NO to heavy textured backgrounds, and the list goes on.  We can still make some of these but it has to be very, very, very subtle. 

Its a bit challenging for me, but I'm still here. Alive and kicking and trying to learn more. Still thinking positive. I have to accept that this is the trend now and be glad that the company I work for is starting to adapt it.

So, that's just it. I just want to rant about it. Been wanting to for the past month.
I just didn't want the wrong words to come out. I'm thinking positive =)
If you want to see some of my current web designs, you could visit my 99designs profile page.

Have a good day everyone! ^.^

♫  " I don't want to lose you now.. I'm looking right at the other half of me.. 
The vacancy that sat in my heart.. Is a space that now you hold.. Show me how to fight for now..
  And I'll tell you baby it was easy.. Comin' back into you once I figured it out.. You were right here all along..♫ 
~ Mirrors - Justin Timberlake