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Sunday, August 4, 2013

A little sneak peek of Taal Volcano

Today, my sweetness and I went to Nasugbu, Batangas. I didn't really think it was that far since my mom lives in Balagtas, Batangas. Little did I know that its very far, by definition of "far", a 3-hour bus ride from Q.C.
I totally forgot to take a peek at how large Batangas is. So, we were actually on our way to visit a friend of my sweetness and check out her super duper cute little pug named Chuck =)
To tell you the truth when I saw him, I wanted to take him home :) 

On our way there, there's the usual traffic in Pasay and the nightmare began when we reached Bacoor, Cavite. I know Cavite, I mean I've never been there before today but an office mate of mine who lived there said there's the "usual" traffic even on weekends.  Forget about the traffic as it wasn't the nightmare that I was talking about.  The bus driver stopped in Bacoor to check on its engine and went back inside to give out some bad news, the engine broke down. So we waited for what seemed to be the longest 40 mins. I've ever waited for a freakin' bus for the transfer.

Taal Lake | Taal Volcano
This was taken around 6pm and it was raining which explains the foggy surroundings and the lack of sunlight
Copyright © August 2013

Enough talk about the hassle bus ride as it was not really the highlights of this post.  I wanted to share a little sneak peek my sweetness and I had of the Taal Volcano. I can't stop staring at the Taal lake as the bus pass by on our way to Nasugubu, and when we went back we finally had a better view of the famous Volcano. Its very far away from this photo as this was taken while we're on the bus.  The view is really fascinating, fascinating to the point that I wanted to get off the bus and just savor the majestic view of this place.  Too bad it was already late when we went home so we can't really do that. Next time, definitely =)
Now I can't stop thinking about going back. T.T In time, my sweetness and I will.

This definitely made my bucket list of places to see  (´∇ノ`*)ノ

♫  " Adonai will see.. Only you will I adore.. 
Glorify my lord.. Only you will I serve.. 
For the world will fade away.. Still my song to you remains..
Only you will I adore.. " ♫ 
~ Adonai - Hillsong