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Monday, July 8, 2013

Crafting: Wedding Invitation

I am taking a little break from posting photos from my recent trip. I want to share a recent crafting I did. Last Friday, I handcrafted 24 invitations for a wedding. :)  And I got the inspiration from Pinterest when I browsed for ideas. :) 

I originally wanted the paper doily as an envelope but it turns out that the only available in Baker's Depot are too small so it ended up as a cover. I tied a ribbon around it instead of placing it inside an envelope
Copyright © July 2013

Copyright © July 2013

It was simple, really but takes a lot of effort. It took me at total of
3 hours to finish all this and I really enjoyed it. :)
Copyright © July 2013

Big thanks to whoever thought about using paper doilies in crafts like these. Its just ingenious.  ヽ(;▽;)ノ

♫  " Carry on my wayward son.. There'll be peace when you are done.. 
Lay your weary head to rest.. Don't you cry no more..♫ 
~ Carry on my wayward son - Kansas

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  1. I like Paper craftstoo, I get most of my idea in pinterest. Even my designs in classroom was all coming from the great sites. cheers!