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Friday, July 26, 2013

Crafting: Learning how to crochet

I recently had an urge to try crochet.  I don't know, maybe there's something wrong with me. Haha
Anyways, I remember when I was in grade school or high school there was a class that taught the basic chain stitch so much to my surprise, when I tried to create a chain stitch, I had no idea what to do.  Nothing in the process is familiar. >.< I forgot how to crochet a simple chain stitch! Waaaaahh :( 

After a few minutes of thinking, trying, thinking again, trying again, I gave up.  Thinking about it so hard felt like I was about to split my brain in two. So I sought refuge, the Internet =). But even then, with photos and specific instructions on how to crochet a chain stitch, no dice. I still didn't get it. Then my sister look over at what I was browsing on the Internet and seeing the crochet hook in my hand, I'm guessing she already knew what the fuss was about.  Then she took the hook from my hands and started teaching me how to crochet a chain stitch :) What do you know, my sister remembers how to do it!  Thanks to her I was able to create this. =) Not with a crochet thread unfortunately.  The thread I first used is DMC. Then I got some yarn and tried the single crochet stitch. It was hard at first but once you got the hang of it, it becomes a little easier row by row. Now, let's see how far I can go with crochet. =)

My first chain stitch using DMC
Copyright © July 2013

What I came up with using the single crochet stitch. I was aiming for a square. I have no idea how it became a triangle, I mean I followed every step T.T I definitely missed something.
Copyright © July 2013

My first single crochet attempts.
Copyright © July 2013

There are a lot of tutorials on YouTube for those (like me) who can't follow a step by step instructions in words.  I also found some sites that offer free tutorial on crochet and they are as follows:

I noticed that the SM department stores even National Bookstore don't sell high quality yarns. The one I used in my single crochet stitch kept on tangling with my hook. Anyone know where I can buy some?

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