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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Intramuros Manila

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Last Sunday, my friends and I visited Intramuros (also known as the Walled City) and Fort Santiago in Manila. That visit is supposed to be a drawing session that turned into a photo session ~ ish and went into a freaking walkathon. Yup that's right we just walked. We arguably turned down every pedicab and kalesa ride offered to us there. Which by the way, we totally regretted after realizing how far we walked across Intramuros. There was even a moment when I just want to stop right where I am and sit on the ground. The weather made it even worse. It was so darn hot when we got there and it rained in the afternoon. We can see smoke coming from the ground like a really hot grill got poured on with water.

Anyways, it was fun. :) I got to take photos of the place. Buildings, which I don't really like taking photos of. But the (ancient) old architectural designs from the Spanish era made it a little interesting for me. I also got to take photos of flowers :) which I enjoy the most.

The gals I went with ~
Copyright © June 2013

The Manila Cathedral
Copyright © June 2013

Fort Santiago
Copyright © June 2013

The street just outside the San Louis Complex
Seeing this makes me want to visit Vigan this year :)
Copyright © June 2013

Casa Manila, San Louis Complex
Copyright © June 2013

This street crept me out when we walked pass there. Don't know why (-_-)
Copyright © June 2013

~ Bougainvillea
Copyright © June 2013

~ Santan Flower
Copyright © June 2013

My friend's photo shots of me :) Apparently my back is her master piece. lol just kidding XD
Photos taken by J

And this one's taken by B :)

View the rest of my shots on my flickr.

My friends and I are planning to come back. After all, we didn't get to see every historical mark there is to see. And next time, we'll definitely ride the kalesas and/or pedicabs
so we won't get super exhausted like the last time.. :)

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