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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Artwork Daily: Tulips

Copyright © June 2013

I bought a 425 gsm watercolour pad last month. Its a bit pricey but I wanted to try some paper that is more than 200gsm in weight and I hope its better than the pad of Canson that I'm using now. I also got a new set of watercolour paints to try. And here's what I first painted using it.

Copyright © June 2013

Its too soon to tell if its better than the Reeves set that I've been using since March. But I really like how this turned out.  The brushes that came with the set are great too!

Copyright © June 2013

The synthetic brushes that came along with the set is pointy and goes back to its original pointy shape when soaked in paint or water. Good for light strokes, like outlining. It holds a lot of water too. One of the best brushes I've used.

Work in Progress:

Copyright © June 2013

I will definitely give the apple another try, using this paint and the 425 gsm paper very soon. :)
[waaahh I want to do a lot of things but don't have the time T.T]

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