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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Due to exhaustion..

Okay, So I swore I won't rant about exhaustion since its about work but I can't take it anymore. I hope there'd be no more over time next week. I mean, please T.T I only have like 4 hours of sleep everyday since last week.  (╯︵╰) I haven't drawn anything. Painted anything. I just read some of the new books I bought about painting but was not able to apply techniques because of I'm too darn exhausted! I don't usually complain but come on! I'm way way over my caffeine intake, I think my heart's gonna give out any moment.
waaaaaaahh o(╥﹏╥)o 

So, due to exhaustion. I buy stuff. (Which is not a good way to relieve stress, I'm telling you.) I can be an impulsive buyer sometimes. (my friends say so and I often deny it. Hehe) I recently bought books from Book Sale (My favorite =)) and National Bookstore.

I have a wooden drawer that I'd like to paint with acrylics that's why I'm reading about decorative painting.

Got some brushes too. I really really hope there'd be no more over time next week. Si'l vouz plais!  (∩︵∩)
[Oh and speaking of books. My favorite author just released a new novel! :) Check out Dan Brown's Inferno here. I saw this last night at the bookstore, can't wait to grab a copy!]

I voted! Did you?

Setting my exhaustion aside. Last Monday, the Philippine General Election 2013 was held. I'm a registered voter. But honestly, I had that feeling of not wanting to vote. Firstly, because I never really liked politics. I think its dirty and dangerous and people change when they enter that realm of the world. And secondly, I don't believe that there's any clean election held ever. Not just here in my country but all over the world. I believe that when people are hungry for power and money, they would do just about anything to get it. But I want to practice my rights and I don't want the dirty players of politics using my slot to vote for their desired candidates. On my way to the school where I'm registered, I prayed to God to please bless the ones who will be elected and prevent them from messing up the government. Or wreak chaos. Or oppress and hurt people. Or abuse their power. I really HOPE they'd be able to do what is right.

I've been reading a lot of posts on Facebook about how they did not vote because its not gonna make any change in the government, everything will be just the same. I just want to say this, did they really think that one vote will not ever count? If many citizens will think this way, practice apathy in every election they lose the right to choose then everything will REALLY be the same. I voted because I'm obliged to do this one very thing for my country. And I voted to prevent (or at least try) candidates to claim a position in the government I don't think they deserve. Just saying ~

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