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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Where I write ~ My notebooks

I have this weird habit of buying notebooks. Especially ones with cute prints =)
[Even when I don't really need them. Yay!]

Art Li and Stuff - Where I write ~ My notebooks

Happy Time ~ I bought back in 2009
Mitoo ~ Back in 2011
Copyright © April 2013

Art Li and Stuff - Where I write ~ My notebooks

Good mood every day ~ last year
(I saw this just right in time. I was so depressed because I haven't
bought my ticket to the Evanescence concert yet.
And I cheered my self up by buying some notebook with black paper! =)
Copyright © April 2013

Art Li and Stuff - Where I write ~ My notebooks

Pamayang ~ last year during the Holidays. A friend of mine and
I bought these cute drawing notes. =)

Starbucks Planner 2011 and 2012. I like the 2012 planner more than the other,
its small and I remember bringing it with me almost every day at work last year.
No 2013 SB Planner you say? Well well I didn't collect stickers last year. (╯_╰)

Pens, Metallic Silver, Black, Pilot G-Tec 0.3 and highlighter/ Marker
(For my to-do list. I like crossing out things I've done.
It gives me a sense of accomplishment. =)
Copyright © April 2013
I write on these from time to time. My thoughts. My list of to-do things. My ideas.
Lyrics from a song [I have lots of these]. Inspiring lines from movies or TV shows I watch. Quotes or sayings by famous people. Short and Long term goals. Anything under the sun. Sometimes, my experiences too.
I always try to encourage my self every year to write a journal but whenever I start, I never get to finish.
Not even a whole month of every day writing. I know what you must think, my life's a bore.
Well, true. Sometimes. But I can assure you my life has its moments. (  

Creating an online blog is the only solution that I could think of. To push myself into writing something.
To put those thoughts into words. [And practice my English, of course! XD]

How about you? Have you written anything lately?

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