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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Happy Earth Day!

Its a day late. I know. I totally forgot it was Earth Day yesterday.
In honor of the day I'd like to share this artwork I created last year. Its a logo for "everything recycled".

Copyright © May 2012

Everything Recycled is an idea that popped in my head almost a year ago. I thought it'd be amazing if I could build/own a shop (souvenir, crafts, etc. I'm not really sure which yet), where everything being sold is recycled. Its an idea that I'd like to make a reality one day. I would love to take part in saving our planet. We'll never know when our resources will run out so we better start thinking of ways of conserving it. So please people.

To try to reduce our family's usage of plastic bags. My sister always bring Eco bags whenever she buys the groceries. It is the trend now anyway here in Quezon City. Groceries and department stores does not give plastic bags anymore and there's a fee if you'd like one. I always bring Eco bags too wherever I go.
You'll never know when they may come in handy.

I reuse paper. I don't throw away my receipts and used paper (even the flyers being given away in the streets) because I make them my memo pad. When I graduated from college, I remember compiling all the blank pages of my notebooks [I was a huge maui and sons fan back then] and I was amazed that I was able to build one notebook out of it.

My sister doesn't throw away plastic bottles of water, soda, etc. She actually keeps them and give them to the  kids in the neighborhood to sell in junk shops. I keep bottles of Sola Drink [hehe I know its weird] and I have one of Starbucks coffee too. I actually now use them as water containers when I paint. And I remember using one of them as a vase when my sweetness gave me a rose last year.

There are plenty of ways on how we can reduce trash and other resources. I remember one time, I tried to convince my sister to stop using the showers and use a basin when cleaning the dishes to try to conserve water. I also tried to make a system at home to segregate biodegrable and non biodegrable trash. Well, up until now, she still doesn't listen. She's older than me so if I push her harder, I may push a different button and I may get yelled at.
But I still try and I won't stop until she listens.

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