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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Art Li: Tangerine Lady ~ Almost done. =)

After weeks of trying not to screw this one up. (ノ∀\*) Voila!

Tangerine Lady ~ Almost done.
Copyright © April 2013

Wait for it. I am going to finish this later. Final deadline. (  
I'll be painting in water colour tomorrow so I need to finish this. 

I sill can't decide whether to cover the left eye with hair or just leave it be.
I asked my friends if it looks ok, and they said yes. Then I told them that something is off,
and they said the eyelash of the left eye is too thick so they suggested I do the same with the right one.
After several attempts, that's all I came up with. Hmmm. Still doesn't seem quite right. o(>< )o
I think I'm gonna have to redo it again. (>_<)

♫  "As much as I'd like the past not to exist.. It still does..
And as much as I'd to think like i belong here.. I'm just as scared as you...♫ 
~ Lost in Paradise - Evanescence

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