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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Artwork Daily: Flower Power

Copyright © April 2013

I should've uploaded this last night but I was so tired and sleepy from
playing too much candy crush [hehe]

This one's created with Illustrator. Experimenting with brushes.

Artwork Daily: Dreamin' of a cupcake

Copyright © April 2013

This is the exact reason why I don't like painting at night. Bad lighting. T.T
[edited] I finally got a better photo =)
My recent take with water colour pencils. Dreamin' of a cupcake.

Copyright © April 2013

Great. Now I want a cupcake too! (´ε`*)

I recently bought a liquid mask. The liquid used to mask areas to be protected in painting and I think I got a little too excited. Hehe. Because this is what my first take looked like.

Yup. A total failure. I know. I think it was a huge mistake to use the mask while there's too much wind in my work space and I may have lifted the mask too soon. Gah! >.< 

[One week to go and I'm back to night shift. Yey! I'd be able to paint in the morning again. XD]

♫  " I'm bullet proof.. Nothing to lose.. Fire away.. Fire away...♫ 
~ David Guetta feat. Sia

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Missin' the beach...

Its summer here in the Philippines and the temperature reach almost 40 degrees. (。_+)\ If its not, well it sure feels like it. [I did say "almost"] Makes me want to got to the beach. I wonder when will I be back there again. I've been craving for some white sand and bluish /  greenish clear ocean water. Some huge ocean waves.
The Amazing sunset and breathtaking sunrise [I still haven't seen one!].
Oh, and the long hours in the bus on the way there just listening to my music
enjoying the scenery of the country side. =)
A  summer vacation. That's what I really [want] need right now.

Me at Urbiztondo, San Juan La Union | June 2012
[photo taken by my sweetness <3 ]

Ocean Wave at Urbiztondo, San Juan La Union | June 2012

Me at Virgin Beach Resort Laiya, San Juan Batangas | June 2012

Love this shot =)

[Photos were taken by me =) No stealing please.]

♫  " Shoot me down.. But I won't fall.. I am Titanium... ♫ 
~ David Guetta feat. Sia

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Happy Earth Day!

Its a day late. I know. I totally forgot it was Earth Day yesterday.
In honor of the day I'd like to share this artwork I created last year. Its a logo for "everything recycled".

Copyright © May 2012

Everything Recycled is an idea that popped in my head almost a year ago. I thought it'd be amazing if I could build/own a shop (souvenir, crafts, etc. I'm not really sure which yet), where everything being sold is recycled. Its an idea that I'd like to make a reality one day. I would love to take part in saving our planet. We'll never know when our resources will run out so we better start thinking of ways of conserving it. So please people.

To try to reduce our family's usage of plastic bags. My sister always bring Eco bags whenever she buys the groceries. It is the trend now anyway here in Quezon City. Groceries and department stores does not give plastic bags anymore and there's a fee if you'd like one. I always bring Eco bags too wherever I go.
You'll never know when they may come in handy.

I reuse paper. I don't throw away my receipts and used paper (even the flyers being given away in the streets) because I make them my memo pad. When I graduated from college, I remember compiling all the blank pages of my notebooks [I was a huge maui and sons fan back then] and I was amazed that I was able to build one notebook out of it.

My sister doesn't throw away plastic bottles of water, soda, etc. She actually keeps them and give them to the  kids in the neighborhood to sell in junk shops. I keep bottles of Sola Drink [hehe I know its weird] and I have one of Starbucks coffee too. I actually now use them as water containers when I paint. And I remember using one of them as a vase when my sweetness gave me a rose last year.

There are plenty of ways on how we can reduce trash and other resources. I remember one time, I tried to convince my sister to stop using the showers and use a basin when cleaning the dishes to try to conserve water. I also tried to make a system at home to segregate biodegrable and non biodegrable trash. Well, up until now, she still doesn't listen. She's older than me so if I push her harder, I may push a different button and I may get yelled at.
But I still try and I won't stop until she listens.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Artwork Daily: Next Project

What I've been up to lately. I'm supposed to start creating this months ago.
Need to pump a lot of creative juice for this. (^_^)

♫  " Don't you forget about me.. ♫ 
~ Pitch Perfect OST

[I watched Pitch Perfect last night and my jaw dropped in awe. I've always liked movies about music. And I must say Pitch Perfect officially became one of my favorites last night. I didn't really think that 'Jessica' from Twilight can sing!
Her voice is amazing! Can't wait for part two (if there's any) XD
Note: I really liked the version of the song "Don't you forget about me" from the movie but unfortunately, this is the only lyrics I can remember. 

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Knock on my door...

"knock on my door and I will not answer..
shout out my name, I swear I still won't answer..
even if it rains and you get soaked outside..
I'd only be at the other side of the door,
listening to this aching heart of mine."

I heard that a particular someone is looking for me. I just told my sister that he's never gonna find me. He's gonna have to search harder. If he wants to see me that bad, then I'll be waiting. But I'm never gonna be the one to search him first. He's the one who left and I'm the one who got left behind.

[feeling emotional. chos! XD]

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Food. Glorious Food. I

Last night, my friends from college, my sweetness, and I went out.
Ate dinner at Sizzlin' Pepper Steak and had dessert at JCO donuts & Coffee at Eastwood City, Libis.

Pork Curry Pepper Rice

Yup. Just what the label says, 2 dozens of yumminess =)

I remember the last time I ate at Sizzlin'. It was December 2011 and back then I'm with a different set of friends. I'd definitely eat there again but not often because I don't really like eating rice especially during dinner so my sweetness and I usually settle for Italian or fast food XD.

The first time my sweetness and I tried JCO donuts was last Tuesday.
It was love at first taste with Hi Lychee . Too bad it wasn't available last night and
I mistook the green tease as it and didn't really like how it tasted. (x_x)
The line at their shop is un 'freakin' believable. I remember getting there at 8:13 PM and
when we finally got a hold of our order it was already 9:05 PM! @_@ gah!
but I can say it was worth it. At least for me and my friends and my sweetness, of course ヽ(;▽;)ノ

[Note: "Food. Glorious Food" is a line from a song in the motion picture Ice Age 2: The Meltdown, one of my favorites =)]

Artwork Daily: Watercolour and Watercolour Pencil

Water Colour + Watercolour Pencil = Lve  (●´∀`●)

Today, I tested out my new color pencils and I was amazed =)

Watercolour pencil when touched with a wet brush. [the package includes a number 4 Faber-Castell paint brush that I don't really like because the hair keeps sticking with each other.
I'm not really sure if its supposed to be that way]

Copyright © April 2013

This is the second time I painted without drawing it in pencil first. I think that's why the
orange plant became a little to big.
Yay! I think the background ruined the subject. ~ ish. (◑‿◐)
But I like it all the same. =) Needs work though. Speaking of which, I retouched my painting last week:
Copyright © April 2013

Is there any improvement on this one? What do you think?

And here's the first watercolour painting I did with no pencil trace.

Copyright © April 2013

The Rose ~ The stem became so thick because of a wrong stroke ( TДT)
But I definitely like the bud and the leaves. 。◕‿◕。

♫  " I have died everyday, waiting for you.. Darling don't be afraid I have loved you for a thousand years..  I love you for a thousand more..." ♫ 
~ A Thousand Years - Christina Perri

Thursday, April 18, 2013

List of places to see

As I've mentioned in a previous post, I have a weird habit of hoarding notebooks. I recently bought a new one. Surprisingly, it doesn't have any cute prints. Just an elegant cover. =)

Art Li and Stuff - Notebook
New notebook! :)
Copyright © April 2013

The cover is made of soft leather (synthetic, I think) and the markings are engraved. I fell in love with it the first time I saw it. I thought it to be perfect for my "planner / sketch / doodle and a whole lot more" notebook that I can bring with me anywhere. Oh, and its inexpensive too. It only costs 149.00 php at the National Bookstore. The paper is a little too thin though. I was planning on painting it with watercolour but I don't think so. Maybe I'll try one page but that would require less water than usual. 
[~ Still debating with my self if I should try it or not. >.<]

What I've written so far:

I know, I know. My version of the Philippine Archipelago needs work.
I'm just a little too tired and sleepy right now.  (~_~)
Listed are the places I'd like to visit here in the Philippines. (~_~) I'm not an outgoing person but I appreciate gorgeous scenes. I've been to La Union twice but I've never witnessed the sunset. I witnessed a little glimpse once but that doesn't count. I've never witnessed sun rises too, in any place I've ever been. My list is short and so few because for now, these are the only places that I have in mind.

I like seeing mountains but I don't really like climbing them. [hehe] 
I like the beach but I don't know how to swim. I like the forest but I don't really like walking through it.
~ I know I'm a bit weird, a lot of people tell me so.

I wish I could visit all of these places soon :)

How about you? Have a list of places you want to visit too?
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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Random Thought: Dream Forever.. Live Today..

I love Music because Music inspires me. As you may have notice I always put on a lyrics of a song at every end of my post. Usually that's the song that's currently singing in my head or I was actually singing at the time. And they always mean something to me.

Art Li and Stuff - Random Thoughts - "Dream as if you'll live forever.. and Live as if you'll die today.."

  "Dream as if you'll live forever.. and Live as if you'll die today.."
Copyright © April 2013

Lyrics from a song performed by one of my current favorites =)

For today's random thought, I give you the lyrics of one of my favorite songs.  I mentioned in my previous posts that I have come across a Japanese band named ONE OK ROCK through a Japanese film, Rurouni Kenshin.  Been listening to their songs recently and found a few new favorites.

About the lyrics,  I just find these words inspiring.  To dream endlessly like you'll live forever and to live making each second of this life counts is something that I really want to do.  It sounds impossible and difficult but I have always believed that the things that are difficult to keep or find are usually the ones that's worth your while. =)

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Art Li: WIP

Art Li and Stuff - WIP
Work in Progress
Copyright © April 2013

I have no idea what to make of this. (-_-) I don't really. Hmm.. I'm starting to have that urge of not wanting to finish it. Hehe. Its always been my problem. [Start something and not finish it through]

For the mean time, I think I'm gonna have to use this. =)

Art Li and Stuff - Faber-Castell Watercolour pencils
Faber-Castell Watercolour pencils
Copyright © April 2013

I bought 'em today and I can't wait to use them. Too bad I'm too tired right now. (´〜`*) zzz
*Not in the mood to do any traditional art.
[(--)]zzz ~ Ok now I'm totally falling asleep while writing this.

♫  " I will never let you fall.. I'll stand up with you forever.. I'll be there for you through it all..
Even if saving you sends me to heaven.♫ 
~ Your Guardian Angel - The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

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Monday, April 15, 2013

Art Li: Canna Flower [in Vector]

Because I didn't like the result of what I painted yesterday, I decided to convert it to a vector art using gradient mesh. And this is what I came up with:
Art Li and Stuff - "Canna Flower [in Vector]" - Anna Li on DeviantArt
Canna Flower [in Vector]
Copyright © April 2013

I must say I definitely like this one more than the water colour version. I'm planning on painting this flower again on the weekends. I hope it turns out better (-_-)

♫  " Dream.. as if you'll live.. forever.. And Live as if you'll die today.. " ♫ 
~ Chaosmyth - One OK Rock

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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Art Li: Canna Flower

I haven't painted anything recently. I'm on day shift and I don't really like painting at night. I don't know, I just don't. I was on night shift last last week, so I paint in the morning when I get home from work
but for the next three weeks, I'd only be able to paint on weekdays (ToT)

 I bought new brushes (yet again). I read somewhere online that synthetic ones doesn't hold much water than the ones with hair, sable for instance. So I bought some sable haired brushes to give them a try.
I got Hans brushes 2 and 3 and they're a bit pricey.

Art Li and Stuff - Hans Brushes

Hans Brushes
Copyright © April 2013

And here's what I painted today.

Art Li and Stuff - Canna flower watercolour painting

Canna flower watercolour painting
Copyright © April 2013

Here's a closer look:

Art Li and Stuff - Canna flower watercolour painting WIP

Canna flower watercolour painting WIP
Copyright © April 2013

I'm not really sure if its my stroke that went wrong here or the color.
I used the new brushes and I feel like there's something wrong with it. (︶︹︺)

It didn't seem that the new brushes held more water than the synthetic ones. I also bought a brush that is used in Japanese Ink Painting (I think) and it definitely held a lot more water than the other ones.

I want to paint some more but I don't have the time. (┳Д┳)
I hope I'd be able to keep up with this Artwork Daily of mine. [My fingers are crossed] =)

I'll try finishing up the New Vector Project I started by next week then I'll be trying illustrations (again).
Good luck to me! ( ̄◇ ̄)

♫  "Say my name.. I've got to take my chance to change your heart.. Everything will be alright tonight..
Yes I am.. so keep on walking, go out through the door.. ushiru muri mukazu ni ikou " ♫ 
~ Yes I am - One OK Rock

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What an awesome event!

Art Li and Stuff - Arts in the city Taguig

Arts in the city Taguig
Copyright © April 2013
I attended the Vector X Vexel PH 1st Grand Exhibit & Convention yesterday at Arts in the City Taguig. I got to hear my favorite blogger/illustrator thecreativedork talk about his creative process. Its inspiring. Made me think of my dreams and plans I keep on postponing.

Here are some of the artworks displayed in the exhibit.

Art Li and Stuff - Vector X Vexel PH 1st Grand Exhibit & Convention Arts in the city Taguig

Vector X Vexel PH 1st Grand Exhibit & Convention
Arts in the city Taguig
Copyright © April 2013

I know, I know, I'm a terrible photographer. Gommene minna-san (´Д`。)

I enjoyed the talks of the speakers and remembered some of the things they talked about in the convention.

"Proof. Perseverance. Product." - Rey Esla Teo.
He's a Traditional/Digital Painter Caricaturist based here on the Philippines.
I have to say these words and his talk left me thinking whether I really am an artist. A lot of times I've doubted my own skills and asked my self this question time and time again. And there are also people around me who never approve of what I do. Saying words like "Wala ka namang mapapala sa ginagawa mo." (You're not gonna gain anything with what you do.) Which always leave sadness in my heart. But I love what I do and that's all that matters. And Mr. Reyes also said that Only YOU can confirm whether you're an artist or not. What others say doesn't really matter.

Thecreativedork a.ka. Rob Bautista's talk is the one I enjoyed the most. I've been reading his blog since last week and my friends and I at work find his illustrations awesome. He mentioned some quotes at the convention that left me inspired.

"The first draft of anything is shit." ~ Ernest Hemingway
Never settle for the first draft. Always deviate. - Rob Bautista said.

"If you don't burn out at the end of each day.
You're a bum!" ~ George Louis
This hit me. Sometimes I really don't like the fact that I didn't get to accomplish anything by the end of the day or I did something, but I didn't give it my all. There was a time when I had the discipline and I don't procrastinate and I'm trying really hard to bring that back.

"Never compare your self to others."
This hit me again! I know that people are different in skills and in experience. But sometimes, I just can't help  comparing my self to others in terms of skills and achievement. Knowing it is one thing and understanding it is another. I believe I'd be able to understand and accept this soon. ヽ(‘ー`)ノ

There's also a live demo by Sonny Pagara. A "Hyperrealist" that makes super realistic Vexel portraits using Photoshop. And there's Quiccs, an awesome visual artist who does graffiti and digital media. He's also into toy designing! You should check out his deviantart page. Full of awesomeness. (>.<)

Attending this event is one of the highlights of my month. There were freebies too. And there's a raffle at the end of the convention and the prizes are artwork prints by the speakers and some from the sponsor (CIIT)
of the event that includes free workshops and Bamboo Wacom Tablet.
I didn't get any though. ╥﹏╥ But that's ok. =) By listening to the speakers, I definitely got my money's worth.

I actually got lost on my way  there (almost). Hehe (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) My navigation skills are not that great.
I was kind of worried I'm gonna miss the beginning of it. You see, Taguig City is really far away from where I live. And this is the first time I went there alone and riding the freakin' Metro Rail Train is terrible
but I'm glad I made it just right in time. When I got home I was totally exhausted. (✖╭╮✖)
Maybe I'm just not used to travelling that far alone. I usually come to this side of
Manila with my sweetness, but yesterday he couldn't come.

Kudos! to all the people who made this event happen as it was a huge success garnering 200+ attendees.
If VxVPH is going to hold another awesome event like this again. I'll definitely come. =)

Art Li and Stuff - My printed ticket - The Venue
Art Li and Stuff - My Lunch - The freebies
Note: I didn't take photos of the speakers because I was too busy listening to them.

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Art Li: New Vector Project

I have finally chosen a subject for my next vector project. =)
I really like faestock's photos. I've used some of her photos for photo manipulations from way way back. And I used one for a vector art too. Check out my DeviantArt page to view them.

Art Li and Stuff - New Vector Project WIP

New Vector Project WIP
Copyright © April 2013

This is the stock I used for this one. My previous artwork using one of her stocks:

Art Li and Stuff - "Crimson Lady" - Anna Li on Deviant Art

Crimson Lady
Copyright © 2012

This was done using Photoshop CS5. The only thing I like about this artwork is the hair. bow v(。-_-。)v
I wonder how long will it take me to finish the other this time [my fingers are crossed] (>_<)

♫  "I know that its gonna take some time.. I've got to admit that the thought has crossed my mind..
This might end up like it should.. And I'm gonna say what I need to say..
And hope to God that it won't scare you away.. Don't want to be misunderstood..
But I'm starting to believe that this might be the start of something good... nananana~ " 
~ Start of something good - Daughtry

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Great Minds

Art Li and Stuff - "Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people."
"Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people."
- Eleanor Roosevelt
Copyright © April 2013

It really bothers me when I hear some people talk about others [in a bad way]
Makes me feel sad sometimes... (╯︵╰,)
I mean, seriously? Is there anything more worth talking about?
Are we gonna gain something from badmouthing other people?

And I try, [Oh God, How hard I try] not to listen but they're talking like roaring tigers who wants the people around them to listen to their opinions. Sometimes I wonder why humans were created with so much to say.. at the expense of hurting the feelings of others. Why are humans born so darn judgmental and stupid [sometimes] that we accidentally say something that we don't really mean.
Or we say and mean something just so we'll sound cool or whatever in front of other people. 

(; ̄ェ ̄)[sigh] I'm gonna have to practice selective hearing starting today.

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