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Monday, March 25, 2013

Art Li: WIP

Just a quick post. Been busy these past few days.
I didn't really think that varnishing a 24x32 plywood board would take a long time.
You see its been raining here. No sun to dry the varnish as quick as a snap T_T
I ended up waiting to dry the first coat so that I can apply the second one. Whew! (  )

Anyways, an update with my current artwork.

Art Li and Stuff - Vector Girl (WIP)

Vector Girl (unnamed artwork) WIP
Copyright © March 2013

I knew it. I knew it'll take a long time. and I'm not quite convinced that this is the best outcome.
I need to do some tweaks with the skin tone x_x

♫  "Just give me a reason.. To keep my heart beating.. Don't worry its safe right here in my arms.. ♫ 
~ The Beginning - One OK Rock (Rurouni Kenshin live action OST) ~ still in love with this song and the movie.
I found my new crush Satoh Takeru ❤‿❤

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