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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Art Li: Watercolour Painting

Art Li and Stuff - Watercolour Painting Materials

My very first watercolour painting materials
Copyright © March 2013

A long weekend is coming my way and I decided to take a break from creating digital artwork.
{I mean, I sit in front of a computer for like 40 hours a week sometimes more.}

So I did a little water colour painting a few hours ago. I don't have any experience with this medium.
When I saw Geninne's Art Blog a few weeks back and I got inspired to give it a try. (✿◠‿◠)

Art Li and Stuff - Watercolour Painting

My very first watercolour painting
Copyright © March 2013

Not quite what I had expected. (_)  Maybe I got used to the way digital art is done. You can erase any part you don't see fit and edit it as much as you want until you're satisfied but when it comes to traditional, the case is very different. Once you've applied a stroke, you can't go back. {or so I think?} This is one of the things I'm not really fond of with this medium. But its what makes it more challenging.

Oh well, I'm giving it another go tomorrow. There's always a first time for everything ayt?  (  

♫  "We've been falling for all this time.. And now, I'm lost in paradise.. ♫ 
~ Lost in Paradise - Evanescence

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